Once there are enough for a class size of yoga mats, the plan is to go into a school that would like to participate in yoga and teach a minimum of three classes to the class leaving ideas, mats and different props for the teacher to use during physical education, health or any other subject yoga can be incorporated into. For my first school, I need a total of $500 to make this happen! If you have any ideas on Edmonton based schools, please contact me at natasha@paintchicklit.ca.

Through the use of yoga, people are able to develop an abundance of skills. Some include: strength building, flexibility, mindfulness, gratitude, compassion, self esteem, body awareness, breathing exercises, coping mechanisms, socialization and presence. I believe that often many of these skills are missed in today's world with the use of video games, television and social media. Children need ways to develop these skills and I believe that yoga gives them that opportunity. Unfortunately, not every child can afford yoga and the joys it has to offer.

If you would like to donate to this project, please click here. Thank you so much in advance! Every little bit helps.

For every book, yoga deck and Inspirational cards deck sold, $1.00 will be spent on purchasing yoga mats, props, and classes for lower income school children. This support encourages our youth in becoming more physically, spiritually, and mindfully aware and active.