-Excerpt from The Yoga Alphabet by Go-Ya! Kids

The Yoga Alphabet by Go-Ya! Kids is a creative way to have readers more interested in learning yoga. Within the pages of this book, the children involved were not only photographed for each letter, but took a hands-on approach and drew all of the pictures- a book made for kids by kids! With the use of the alphabet, photography, and face paint, children are guided through yoga poses step-by-step; learning as they go. Come join us on the adventures of yoga as we dive into the alphabet!

Thankful thoughts do increase. With the poses, bring in peace.

Kids are such an amazing addition to our lives! They are so innocent, flexible, social, active and joyful without even trying. However, with the way the world is, that seems to be changing and the rates of obesity, depression, stress and anxiety in children are at an all time high. Go-Ya! Kids teaches the many aspects of yoga to children bringing in more joy, strength, flexibility, ease, body awareness, focus and confidence. GoYa Kids are confident kids, ready to take on any challenges life may bring!